The Series



Born along the Warren line, the Halliwells have long stood out in records as the most powerful witches there ever were. The existence of the legendary Charmed Ones is proof of the extraordinary powers inherited by every Halliwell to battle all evil entities that emerge on the surface of the universe and to save the lives of many innocents. All these witches were known as women of incredible strength, independence and determination. With every newborn witch being a female, it was groundbreaking news when one of the Charmed Ones welcomed the arrival of a son, a boy with very special abilities. As the first one out of three male witches born in the new generation of Halliwells, he was showered with countless blessings with the guidance and goodness of his ancestors at the time of his prophesized birth and his Wiccaning ceremony. He is going to be known as the most powerful witch ever to roam the earth and the heir to Excalibur, the legendary sword owned by the great King Arthur. He is the Twice Blessed witch. He is Wyatt Halliwell (Wes Ramsey).  


The year is 2028. The setting is Seattle, Washington. Wyatt is all grown up and just landed himself a job as a photographer in one of the city’s leading fashion and lifestyle magazines for men, ULTIMATE. He shares a townhouse with his brother Chris Halliwell (Drew Fuller) and cousin Henry Mitchell Jr. (Michael Cassidy), both of whom he has bonded with since childhood due to them being the only guys around in the younger generation. He is also reunited with his high school sweetheart Gwen Carlson (Lauren Woodland), who helps him adapt to the rhythm of the city after moving out of his San Francisco hometown, making it easy for him to keep up with his active social life.

But when it comes to witch business, everything is unmanageable. Even with his experience of saving innocents and guiding them in solving a series of supernatural-related cases, Wyatt hasn’t completely focused on his magical duties. He witnesses the many challenges of balancing his normal life with magic, and what's surprising is he’s not ready to take on Excalibur. Seattle needs him, especially at a time when the Underworld is rising with a fully devised plan to destroy all lines of witches, including him.

But Wyatt’s fears eventually diminish upon learning Chris and Henry are on his side after an old book of prophecy has revealed that both of them are also blessed with the same destinies to carry on combating evil. That means he is not alone on his journey, for the three of them are the new protectors of the innocent- the new Charmed Ones. In addition, he is also backed by Gwen, a new confidante named Alexa Roxbury (Katharine McPhee) and an unlikely ally in free-spirited demon Alokar (Kris Lemche). They all form a strong inner circle of evil banishers. With all the support system surrounding him, nothing could possibly go wrong in Wyatt’s world. Or could it? Will Wyatt finally be brave enough to fully embrace his destiny and Excalibur?

The adventures of Wyatt and company will become the major highlight of Ultimately Charmed.


The feel of the show traces back to the roots of the first 3 seasons of Charmed, where the genre takes on the form of a heartwarming family drama with a supernatural twist. There’s also a blend of other genres, including mystery, thriller, horror and fantasy. The element of a ‘witch detective story’ is maintained as the boys and company are faced with new supernatural-related cases in every episode. Various common themes will be explored throughout the series, such as friendship, brotherhood, family, love and acceptance. 


"Here Tomorrow Gone Today" (Lifehouse)