Episode 1: The Revamping

Wyatt: What's the matter? Tired of playing Dare all the time?

Chris: I think you'd better focus on finding someone who's not a gold-digger.

Chris: Wyatt the additional drummer of the soon-to-be famous Electric Vibe? There's an idea.

Henry: I have to admit you're one hell of a fighter, but you lack style. You should train with my dad, but he probably would lock you up behind bars. 

Chris: Dream of something else, like crispy-topped mac and cheese.

Henry: You're like every witch's idol. What is there to be ashamed of?

Wyatt: Now watch Wyatt back in action.

Gwen: Call me when you're ready for the free tour.

Chris: How do you sum up these terms? Empath. Telekinetic orbing. Molecular combustion. All surfacing at the same time.
Wyatt: That's easy. Perfection!
Chris: Wrong. Abberation!

Henry: Trust me, the only thing I'm skating through is life itself. I'm definitely not the guy Avril Lavigne wrote about in her smash hit single.

Henry: Excellent, cous!
Chris: I sure hope he won't spend too much time showing off.

Episode 2: Stone Edge

Wyatt: How about Seattle’s Best? I mean we’re here, right? We might as well try to embrace our inner Seattleites and support the local coffee.

Chris: Love needs sparks.

Alokar: It's that easy like cake.

Wyatt: Let's switch on the midnight news, then.
Henry: Now that's interesting!
Chris: I've never seen you this motivated to watch the news.

Alexa: We may share the same taste in black, but I drive my own car. Nobody touches my car.

Wyatt: Making out at the graveyard can be fun.
Henry: Yeah, until they lock you in a coffin and bury you a hundred meters deep below the ground, and there's no one to hear you scream for help. Doesn't seem like fun, does it?
Chris: Except when we're in a B-list horror movie.
Wyatt: Oh, sign me up for an audition! I'd love to be one of the leads.
Henry: But if your character dies, it sucks.
Wyatt: How about undead?
Chris: (Annoyed) How about keeping yourselves focused on the demon-hunting business we're doing now? Both of you! If this is filming time and I'm the director, you guys will never see your names on the credits list.

Felix: After all, we'll always have Seattle.
Gwen: And your bar. 

Henry: It's not like we're going to fly off to the moon.

Alokar: One day, I'm going to rock it real hard you'd want to vote me Artist of the Year.

Episode 3: Night Mare

Alokar: For now, all I'm after is good friends and good pizza.

Wyatt: My photos are waiting for me to flirt with them. Enjoy the rest of the night while you can, 'cause Monday's a bitch.

Henry: Wyatt, you're not a vampire. Especially not of the twisted Twilight kind.
Chris: If you want to throw vampires into the mix, at least Bram Stoker deserves a mention. Never mess with the classics.
Wyatt: I certainly don't. I'm an original!

Henry: Sounds like we'll be dining in style.
Wyatt: That's one of the best things about this townhouse - having a talented private chef who can keep us out of kitchen nightmares.
Chris: I'm flattered.

Henry: My name is Henry, and I make reading sexy.

Wyatt: A new case! How Sherlock Holmes can we get?

Wyatt: Mom said she called you several times this morning but you didn't answer. Don't forget to send her a big Hershey's kiss.
Chris: Watch it, Wy. Next time, it'd be your turn with the public humiliation.
Wyatt: Dream on.