Saturday, February 18, 2012

In the Works: Dead Witch's Party (Episode 4)

Good news for UC fans! "Dead Witch's Party" is now underway.

For those who missed out on Episode 3 - "Night Mare" - you can always catch up on the FULL SCRIPT here.  

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  1. The story was quite breezy still it had the important or key scenes intact. You have me wanting more about Henry's ability and made me wish it was expanded there but I think holding off for now, will keep the reader at the edge of the seat. Since you've opened the curiosity now, we'll be looking forward on how you will show more scenes of Henry learning his rising ability. I like the scene were he talked with the professor after the lecture.You have professor-speak down to pat. :D One thing made me pause was the confrontational scene with the mare,the demon and the cousins. It felt a little staged as if the characters were planted out of convenience. Oh, I don't know how to describe it fully. It just came across that way. I was looking for some dire (opps, getting dark side - lolz) but I didn't see it quite from victim. All in the all, it was good episode. :)