The life of the party... That’s one way to describe Wyatt. As a Twice Blessed witch and the most powerful one in the entire world, it’s no surprise that he enjoys soaking up the spotlight, due to all the attention he has been getting ever since his birth. He is a self-proclaimed king of the dance floor, though he really does possess the talent. Optimistic, humorous and easygoing in nature, he has an active mind and a strong interest in social events. ‘Work hard, play hard’ is definitely the motto to live by. Once the office hour is off, he usually heads to the gym for a workout or challenges his colleagues to a game of tennis, followed by some quality guy time with Chris and Henry. Wyatt may come across as a complete womanizer in the romance department. But underneath it all, he's a total sweetheart. The minute Gwen reenters the picture, he may as well be falling back in love. 
As carefree as he may seem, he gets all serious every time demons attack and would do anything he can to protect those he loves, even if this means pushing them away at times. Expect him to throw a punch when someone makes an insult at him or the people he knows well. Behind the all-star attitude, he actually cares about the problems others face and will offer a helping hand whenever needed, especially when it comes to Chris and Henry, knowing they’re the only family he has in Seattle. One of his major low downs is Excalibur. Just the thought of it is intimidating him. He feels way unprepared to handle a sword so legendary and powerful. Nobody knows the actual reason behind this, since he’s too embarrassed to tell. If there’s one thing that becomes a major highlight in Wyatt’s super messy room, it’s his thorough collection of clippings featuring his favorite women in the world.

Breed: Witchlighter
Parents: Piper Halliwell & Leo Wyatt
Sibling: Chris

Powers: Orbing, telekinesis, telekinetic orbing, force field bubble, molecular immobilization, molecular combustion, healing, conjuration, levitation, astral projection, sensing, energy balls, energy blast, laser lights, wielding Excalibur
Likes: Social gatherings, photography, women, tennis
Dislikes: Cleaning the house, getting up early in the morning
Fears: Losing his powers, losing his reputation as the Twice Blessed witch, losing his family, not being able to find true love, abandonment, losing people’s trust, losing an innocent, deception, betrayal, spiders
Normal Job: Commercial photographer 

Need professional advice on dating or family relationships? Look no further than Chris, since he’s an expert in the area. Chris is probably the type of person people would want to establish a mutual relationship with. Very organized and always keeps his head on straight, he's able to put his priorities in front of him. Obviously, he doesn’t have as many powers as Wyatt, but that doesn’t mean he’s not special. He is a super witch who is capable of doing many things, though at times he feels like he’s living in the shadow of his brother, and even envies his cousin's originality. Unlike Wyatt, Chris has a way of keeping secrets. He’s usually the one who comes up with the best plan. Don’t forget that he makes an excellent chef. There’s nothing he cooks that doesn’t taste like a 5-star restaurant meal. His specialties are traditional Italian dishes like spaghetti and pasta. Whatever kind of occasion is taking place, Chris will always be on set in the kitchen to cook the meals beforehand. Although he has been exposed to the world of culinary arts since he was young, he spent six months enrolled at an Italian culinary arts institute shortly after completing his Psychology major to take his skills to a higher level. 
Another talent he possesses is drawing, which he has left behind to keep him away from unpleasant high school memories. One minus point is he can be neurotic at times - too much of a perfectionist and a ‘drama king’ at the very best, often jumping to conclusions way too fast. He's also not that bright in the area of love, despite his job. Sometimes he needs a reminder to be romantic, because fighting demons is his main priority. That’s why his love life is quite a roller coaster, though Alexa will probably change that.

Breed: Witchlighter
Parents: Piper Halliwell & Leo Wyatt
Siblings: Wyatt
Powers: Orbing, telekinesis, telekinetic orbing, molecular immobilization, molecular combustion, healing, telepathy (limited), sensing, lightning bolts, empathy
Likes: Helping people with their problems, keeping the house clean, culinary arts
Dislikes: Messiness, being compared to Wyatt, disorganization
Fears: Losing an innocent, losing his family, imperfection, losing people’s trust, drowning, failure, unworthiness
Normal Job: Youth counselor

Mr. Congeniality is definitely a title Henry has always been living with. His quirky, sunshine-filled personality is an indicator that he’s easy to warm up to. He's also very modest. Meeting new people from different walks of life is something he enjoys, which leads him into joining various community groups in and out of college in hopes of getting the door to becoming a successful event organizer open for him someday. But in order to achieve his goal, he’s got to work on the one thing that’s standing in his way: punctuality issues. He often arrives late for meetings. But as far as romance goes, Henry really fits the ‘dream guy’ figure, being loyal to his girlfriend and all. He may not inherit that many abilities as of now, but there’s no other Halliwell who is blessed with the unique powers of illusion, dream walking and mind-reading, so he's simply a one-of-a-kind witch who stands out on his own.
Being the only male cousin of Wyatt and Chris, he has been hanging with them ever since they were toddlers, which explains the close bond among the three of them. Wyatt and Chris even consider him their little brother. But there’s a darker side to his personality that he’s hiding from them and everyone else, which revolves around the untimely deaths of his twin sisters in their youth plus the feeling of inferiority regarding his limited magical powers. If you spot some classic European movies and music in the living room, chances are Henry might have rented them. Befriending people from different parts of the world gives him unlimited access to new ideas and inspiration. He is a music junkie and knows a great deal about what’s hot in the industry. It’s always him who makes the compilation CDs during private events.

Breed: Witchlighter
Parents: Paige Matthews & Henry Mitchell
Siblings: April & Danielle (both deceased) 
Powers: Orbing, telekinesis, telekinetic orbing, healing, glamoring, premonition, dreamwalking, illusion, mind-reading (limited)
Likes: Chocolate ice cream, golf, checking out new bands, coffee culture
Dislikes: Deadlines, ignorance, people who take him for granted 
Fears: Loneliness, being unloved, losing an innocent, losing his family, failure, unworthiness, betrayal, killed in a massive fire, snakes
Normal Job: Event organizer, media intern

Creativity is her middle name, and magazine-making is her game. Gwen has always been fascinated by the world of magazines. Her house could’ve easily been turned into a news agency. She owned almost every teen magazine in her high school years, ranging from CosmoGIRL! to Smash Hits. Her main subject of interest is actually the opposite sex, but there weren’t too many magazines targeted at boys and men at that time apart from hobby-related ones like automotive and sports. She has always hoped there would be something equivalent to the male version of Cosmopolitan, which she is thrilled to see in ULTIMATE. Landing a job at ULTIMATE was one of the biggest highlights of her life. It gives her the joy of being able to dig deep inside the male mind and behavior. Having been intrigued by the subject for a long time, she pursued a degree in Gender Studies in college, followed by a graduate certificate in Magazine Publishing. Gwen has a distinct taste in fashion. Although she can be seen strolling down the streets with a classy appearance, she’s not exactly a red carpet diva. Her icon is nothing like all those elite models on TV. It’s somewhere along the line of Carmen San Diego: smart, stunning and sensational in a simplified way. 
The idea of lounging for a kick-back after a busy day is definitely a turn-on for her. After she left San Francisco for Seattle in the final year of senior high, she thought her relationship with Wyatt was way over, knowing her boyfriend couldn’t handle long distances. She has never imagined they both would come across each other again years later, let alone working at the same place. Is this really destiny in the making? The answer would be her job to find out. Gwen is completely in touch with her witch heritage, though she tends to overdo the usage of her powers in public.

Breed: Phoenix witch
Parents: Stuart Carlson & Janette Garrison

Sibling: Gail (still lives in San Francisco)
Powers: Telekinesis, empathy, molecular combustion, mirage

Likes: Shopping, lounging, magazines, beaches
Dislikes: Being kept hanging on in romantic relationships, stalker-type guys, ignorant people, all forms of insects
Fears: Failure, losing an innocent, losing her family, betrayal, jobless
Normal job: Magazine editor

According to Alexa, 'black is chic'. She always attempts to throw away the Goth feel by dressing in a hip and glam style in almost every occasion, thus defining her fashion statement. Despite her unconvincing look, she is a boyish girl. Nobody really expects her to be an expert in kickboxing. Alexa is first introduced to Wyatt and Chris by means of Henry, who happens to be her classmate in college. Although she and the three guys later learn one another's witch heritages, she still decides to keep her identity secret. After all, she finds pleasure in working solo. But after getting exhausted of it, she eventually becomes the boys’ partner in crime and assists them with their magical duties. Alexa is highly addicted to boots. She has an extensive range of boots from different parts of the world, which she acquires by bidding on them through E-Bay. 
Being an only child, she emancipated herself from her parents during her rebellious 16th year, a choice that she later regretted when they died in a car accident. Now she lives with her wealthy grandmother in one of the Seattle suburbs. Even with her family’s rich economical background, her humble personality shines on. As much as she wans to deny it, she has a secret crush on Chris, so it won't be difficult for her to return his love after he confesses it. Will it last forever or will they find intrusion in Alokar? That’s still a question mark for them. Alexa is working her way up to becoming an interior designer.

Breed: Witch
Parents: Bryan Powell Roxbury & Neve Dee Burchett (both deceased)
Siblings: None (only child)
Powers: Mind-zapping, levitation, molecular immobilization, astral projection
Likes: Boots, interior design, singing
Dislikes: Pink and all ‘girly’ stuff
Fears: Loneliness, being unloved, failure, losing an innocent
Normal Job: Interior designer, media intern

Killing witches and stealing their powers? As cool as it may sound, Alokar would rather be auditioning for the next off-Broadway production of Grease, although it means he has to jet off to New York instead of staying in the greasy Underworld of Seattle. He has one too many talents, but having been raised by Divarkaz - the Mistress of Evil - ever since his birth, he has to serve a lifetime full of hunting for innocents, witches and whitelighters. This is one duty he couldn’t shake off, as much as he wanted to. Sometimes he daydreams about the colorful life a normal human can lead and deludes himself at the thought of walking in their shoes. When stress is taking over, he would escape from his job for a little while and poses as an ordinary human under the name Alvin Sanchez to check out pretty ladies at the sidewalk and hanging with street skateboarders until one of Divarkaz’s demons spot him. He later befriends Chris and Henry and gets involved in a short-lived romantic entanglement with Alexa, but upon knowing his real identity as a demon, Wyatt cuts him out of the group. Will Alokar finally redeem himself in the end? Will his good side triumph over the evil one? This is what his personal quest is all about.

Breed: Lower-level demon
Likes: Pizza, MTV, live concerts
Dislikes: His job