Ultimately Charmed 1x01 - The Revamping (PDF)
A new demonic activity is on the rise on the Iverendu- the night of an unusual equinox. In helping a fortune teller find a lost book of ancient prophecies that is stolen by a group of demons led by Xalibus, the Halliwell boys discover the answers to their recent problems – the slipping of Wyatt’s powers, the sudden advancement of Chris’s powers and Henry’s recurring headaches – which pave the path for their special destinies as the next protectors of the innocent – the new chosen three. But they will have to recite the incantation to bind their powers on the third night where the stars form a pentagram-shaped constellation… or they’ll be forever doomed.

Ultimately Charmed 1x02 - Stone Edge (PDF)
A murderous statue? Make it a hundred. When living statues prey on the soul of innocents, the Halliwell trio Wyatt, Chris and Henry must pull double duty to hunt them down and put an end to the curse. It’s no easy work, knowing there are hundreds of them roaming the streets of Seattle. Worst of all, the source of the curse has been expecting Wyatt the Twice Blessed witch’s arrival. 
Meanwhile, Wyatt and Gwen manage to rekindle their friendship, Chris runs into a captivating yet mysterious lady, Henry tries to speculate Alexa’s identity as a witch, and Alokar shows no sign of seriousness with his demon tasks.

Ultimately Charmed 1x03 - Night Mare (PDF)
It’s not just a horrifying delusion. The mare is alive and real.  It terrorizes witches and steals their souls in their dreams, giving way to a brand new investigation for Wyatt, Chris and Henry. Upon learning it won’t stop its torturous acts until it’s killed, the boys cast a spell that transports them to the semi-dream world where the mythical creature exists with the aid of Henry’s newfound dream walking power. In their mission to put an axe to the mare, they are brought face to face with their darkest nightmares, which they also need to battle.
Subplots revolve around the self-proclaimed ‘unlucky in love’ Chris regaining hope and optimism in Alexa, Wyatt inviting Henry to collaborate on Ultimate Magazine’s all-new campaign and Alokar having a serious confrontation with the Underworld over his priorities to keep tabs on witches.

Ultimately Charmed 1x04 - Dead Witch's Party (COMING SOON)

Halloween has arrived. There’s an all-witch event at a grand old mansion, and the Halliwells are invited. What starts out as a smashing party turns into a bloody massacre when all the guests start to get mysteriously murdered at midnight. It’s a supernatural case discovered way too late, for the boys are now trapped with no means of escape, no Book of Shadows and no magical powers to rely on. This leaves them to fight for their survival in the most human ways possible. Time is ticking, and they need to figure out whoever plotted the murder and save anyone who can still be saved, including one another, before they end up falling victim to evil’s might. Will they make it through? What happens when Wyatt has to choose between his brother and cousin?