Sunday, February 6, 2011

Episode 3 - "Night Mare" Promo and Script

Welcome to your very own nightmare! The adventure of the Ultimately Charmed guys continues in the brand new intense episode "Night Mare". Expect more surprises and more mystery heating up. 

Ultimately Charmed 1x03 - Night Mare 

Promotional Trailer


  1. This episode promises to be another thrilling one yet especially with whoever was sent flying out of the window. ☺ I'm looking forward on reading that scene. The couple in the forest? I hope no bad things happen to them. :D

  2. There's a couple surprises here and there, and you'll even get to see the guys' cars. x Enjoy. Thx for viewing the promo, by the way. I had sooo much fun writing the guest star for this epi! :D

  3. Okies, I've just started reading the script. Who says the short narration at the start of the epi? Btw, I sort of cringe at Wy's opening words. Lolz.

    Henry: "Your awesome to infinity."

    Opps, TVD calls will continue soon. ☺